Vincent LaBadessa dining table

Badessa, Vincent La, Dining tables, United States, 1950s

Large solid wood dining table by Vincent LaBadessa. The table top shows five long beams alternated with smaller and thinner beams with the short side up. The table can seat 10-12 persons.

Vincent LaBadessa (1908-2002) was an active artist and designer whose work contributed to the Philadelphia art community during a career spanning 60 years. He was a successful interior designer and among his clients were Strawbridge & Clothier and Smith-Kline, as well as private individuals. Among his exhibition design accomplishments are the "Italian in America" exhibit for the Italian Festival held in Philadelphia's Commercial Museum. LaBadessa was awarded the purchase prize from the Carnegie Institute, the Seattle Museum of Art, and twice from the Library of Congress.

  • 1983
  • Price on request
  • 28.54 in / 72.5 cm
  • 95.94 in / 243.7 cm
  • 40.35 in / 102.5 cm

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