Unique one-off Nanda Vigo dining table

Vigo, Nanda, Dining tables, Italy, 1970s

A one-off dining table by Nanda Vigo. The table has a mirrored glass cube base with strong brass edges and a thick square glass top.
The table was custom-made in 1971 for a private house in Merate as part of the interior design by Nanda Vigo. Vigo designed a similar dining table for Acerbis in the same period.

The yellow house, designed by Nanda Vigo, showcases her distinctive touch encompassing both architectural design and interior elements. This exceptional residence was erected in 1970 as a sprawling villa situated in the northern region of Milan. Collaborating with an affluent client, Nanda Vigo crafted an impressive 800-square-meter single-story abode. Remarkably, financial limitations were not a concern during the creation of this splendid project.

Throughout the residence, glass, brass, and aluminum materials take center stage, harmonizing seamlessly with avant-garde design solutions. The fruition of this endeavor earned it a feature in Domus magazine's February 2015 issue.


  • 6530
  • Price on request
  • 28.35 in / 72.0 cm
  • 55.12 in / 140.0 cm
  • 55.12 in / 140.0 cm

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