Jean Prouve model 504 or Flavigny dining table with granito top

Prouvé, Jean, Dining tables, France, 1950s

A model 504 or Flavigny dining table by Jean Prouvé, who originally designed this table around 1942 for the Flavigny sanatorium. The model, also known as ‘granito’, with folded sheet steel legs and tubular streamlined understructure, was put into wider production in the 1950s. The table tops of the first models were fragile and most of the time cracked or broke, so in the 1970s the design was modified by Prouvé to accommodate a thicker, more sturdy composite stone table top.

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  • 5948
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  • 29.72 in / 75.5 cm
  • 81.10 in / 206.0 cm
  • 29.53 in / 75.0 cm

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