Michael Elkan sculptural maple burl container, USA, 1980s

Elkan, Michael, Other, United States, 1980s

A highly sculptural, studio crafted maple burl sculpture by American craftsman Michael Elkan. Branded 'Michael Elkan Studio' and in an excellent condition.

In the words of Elkan, his pieces are “[…] inspired by caverns, bridges, masks & trees [...] Led by the wood in an exploration of mystical architecture, I started sculpting boxes one day & never stopped! Each piece was a new experience.” Michael Elkan (1942 – 2014) was an American designer, craftsman and artist. After a career in the fashion industry, he started his woodwork studio in Oregon in 1980. He ran his studio until 2002, when he went on to explore other creative paths, like architecture. His body of work includes boxes, furniture and sculptures.

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  • 459
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  • 23.03 in / 58.5 cm
  • 7.28 in / 18.5 cm
  • 3.35 in / 8.5 cm

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