Set of three Ed Miller objects (set L)

Miller, Ed, Other, United States, 1970s

A series of three wooden objects by Ed Miller (1928-2017). Originally a medical man from Columbus, Ohio he turned to the 'the art of turning'. With his bowls Ed Miller succeeded in rendering the ordinary sublime, and so to lend dead wood new life.

Ed Miller was a basement artist, one of those self-taught creatives who make it clear that dedication, perseverance, and talent can sometimes lead to impressive artistic results. He used a wide variety of wood types and each bowl is perfectly turned and engraved with his name.

The platter in front is made from partridge wood, the dark bowl is made from Claro walnut burl and the blonde bowl is made from Jamaican dogwood.

Dimensions (from left to right):
(Ø) 8.86 In / 22,5 cm - (H) 0,79 In / 2 cm
(Ø) 10.04 In / 25,5 cm - (H) 1.57 In / 4 cm
(Ø) 10.04 In / 25,5 cm - (H) 1.5 In / 3,8 cm

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  • 1.57 in / 4.0 cm
  • 10.04 in / 25.5 cm

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