Paavo Tynell Rare Wall Lamps with Brass Decorations, Taito, Finland, circa 1950

Tynell, Paavo, Taito Oy, Wall lamps, Finland, 1950s

A pair of very rare model 9453 Paavo Tynell wall lamps for Taito. The lamps are made of a brass wall-mount with elegant floral decorations in brass and two yellow glass shades. The combination of the brass and yellow glass gives the light a beautiful and warm effect. One of the lamps is marked by Taito and both are in an excellent condition.

  • 758
  • Price on request
  • 14.57 in / 37.0 cm
  • 11.02 in / 28.0 cm
  • 7.48 in / 19.0 cm

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