Le Corbusier Green Metal Wall Lamp from Briey, circa 1960

Le Corbusier, Wall lamps, France, 1960s

A very rare, emerald green lacquered metal wall lamp by Le Corbusier. The lamp has two light bulbs and two reflectors of corrugated sheet metal inside.

Le Corbusier designed a couple of types of wall lamps for his housing projects and this is a version that was used to light the interior 'streets' of his Unité d'habitation in Briey-en-Forêt, France (1957-61). The lamp can be used to shine either up or downwards.


Currently on reserve for private use and not available.

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  • 5.91 in / 15.0 cm
  • 13.78 in / 35.0 cm
  • 5.12 in / 13.0 cm

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