Gunnar Asplund pair of Gothenburg city hall wall lamps

Asplund, Gunnar, Böhlmarks, Wall lamps, Sweden, 1930s

A pair of very rare 'Typ 16' height-adjustable wall lamps by Gunnar Asplund. These lamps were designed for and used in Asplund's Gothenburg city hall, 1936. They were probably executed by Böhlmarks Lampfabrik and have an adjustable shade of greyish green lacquered brass and a stem and wall mount of nickel-plated tubular brass.

These lamp were previously part of the collection of German-Swedish collector Rolf Walter.

  • 7976
  • Price on request
  • 50.39 in / 128.0 cm
  • 10.83 in / 27.5 cm
  • 22.05 in / 56.0 cm
  • 62.20 in / 158.0 cm

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