Pair of Zanine Caldas Z stools

Zanine Caldas, José, Stools, Brazil, 1970s

A pair, out of a set of three, Z-shaped stools or side tables, each carved out of one piece of reclaimed wood, by Brazilian designer José Zanine Caldas.

The stools come with a certificate of authenticity by Euclides Zanine Caldas Neto, son of José Zanine Caldas.

Zanine Caldas (1918-2001) was a self-taught Brazilian architect and designer. He made both sculptural, carved furniture from local woods and Modernist plywood furniture. In the early 1940s Zanine started the "Z Artistic Furniture" (“Móveis Artísticos Z”) line. In 1968, he moved to Nova Viçosa (Bahia), where he began with his 'Móveis Denúncia' (protest furniture) series, where he used reclaimed wood for his hand-made pieces.

  • 8135
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  • 17.91 in / 45.5 cm
  • 11.02 in / 28.0 cm
  • 11.02 in / 28.0 cm

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