Jean Touret Set of Six Oak Dining Chairs for Marolles

Touret, Jean, Marolles, Dining chairs, France, 1950s

A set of six oak dining chairs by Artisans de Marolles and designed by Jean Touret. The rectangular backrest and seating have the carved surface that is typical for Touret's work. These chairs were part of a large estate of Touret items, bought directly from the sons of the owners. The Atelier Marolles was commissioned to furnish the house in Blois; from a dining table and sideboard to chairs and smaller items. The items were made under the direction of and designed by Jean Touret. 

The late Jean Touret began a career as a painter and then turned towards woodcarving. All his life he continued his aesthetic research by experimenting unconventional use of a variety of materials: wood, paper, copper, zinc, bronze, plexiglass, ceramics and concrete.

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  • 37.60 in / 95.5 cm
  • 16.34 in / 41.5 cm
  • 18.70 in / 47.5 cm
  • 18.11 in / 46.0 cm

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