Jean Touret Iron Three-Armed Chandelier for Marolles

Marolles, Touret, Jean, Chandeliers & Pendants, France, 1950s

A Jean Touret iron chandelier with three white lampshade foil diffusers inside the spiraling arms. The lamp hangs from an iron chain and canopy.

Signed by Marolles.

The late Jean Touret began a career as a painter and then turned towards woodcarving. All his life he continued his aesthetic research by experimenting unconventional use of a variety of materials: Wood, paper, copper, zinc, bronze, plexiglass, ceramics and concrete. We have several other pieces by Touret available.  

  • 6042
  • Price on request
  • 16.34 in / 41.5 cm
  • 18.90 in / 48.0 cm

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