Devon Dennett Unique American Craftsman Armchair, 1938

Dennett, Devon, Side Chairs, United States, 1930s

This 1938 armchair is a fine example of the early American Arts and Crafts revival movement and signed underneath by Devon Dennett. Beautiful round and curved arms and legs, dovetail connections and various layers of well preserved old lacquer, capturing the intense and warm color of the wood. It is most likely a mahogany or fruitwood. The leather has a very aged look, to a beautiful extent and the details of it are breathtaking. The small leather strip to cover the nails and the way the seat curves around the legs are other beautiful details.

Dennett made his living as a model maker and several of his models were shown at the 1945 “Tomorrow's Small House” exhibition at MoMA, New York. He also worked on JFK airport (then known as the Pan Am terminal at Idlewild airport). He learned the craft from his mother, the women's rights activist Mary Coffin Ware Dennett, who was very much into the Arts and Crafts movement. And she taught him very well. We also have a side table by Dennett available.

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  • 28.15 in / 71.5 cm
  • 18.70 in / 47.5 cm
  • 18.31 in / 46.5 cm
  • 16.46 in / 41.8 cm

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