Harald Notini height-adjustable floor lamp for Bohlmarks

Böhlmarks, Notini, Harald, Floor Lamps, Sweden, 1950s

A rare, height-adjustable and swiveling model 15597 floor lamp by Harald Notini for Böhlmarks, Sweden. The brass lamp has a dark green lacquered stem and a pleated fabric shade. The shade is attached to the stem with an inventive brass part, which also holds the wire.

Marked by Böhlmarks with the model number. We have a second lamp of this model available.

  • 7574
  • Price on request
  • 70.08 in / 178.0 cm
  • 17.72 in / 45.0 cm
  • 11.02 in / 28.0 cm
  • 49.21 in / 125.0 cm

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