Joel Norborg pine coffee table

Norberg, Joel, Coffee tables, Sweden, 1910s

A pine coffee table by Joel Norborg from 1917. The wood has a carved and sculpted relief and a shelf, divided in four parts. This table was originally part of a larger set of furniture, commissioned in 1917.

Norborg (1880 - 1971) was a Swedish architect and designer. Early on in his career he worked for the City of Stockholm and in 1922 he started his own office. He designed many buildings in and around Stockholm, like the Semolina Mill and All Saints Church, often in the Nationalromantik style.


  • 5781
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  • 22.44 in / 57.0 cm
  • 39.37 in / 100.0 cm
  • 27.56 in / 70.0 cm

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