Wolfgang Laubersheimer shelving unit for Pentagon

Laubersheimer, Wolfgang, Pentagon, Shelves, Germany, 1980s

A very rare and tall 'Patentregal' shelving unit or bookcase, designed in 1989 by Wolfgang Laubersheimer for the Pentagon group, Germany. This leaning, steel unit has seven removable shelves that can be positioned at any desired height, based on the system that is ingeniously simple, using the weight and the angle of the shelve as its own hanging construction. When it stands, it is rock steady. 

Rough and heavy material, yet a very elegant lining. The mild patina adds life and warmth, and at the same time enhances the strength and toughness of the piece. 

  • 6454
  • Price on request
  • 94.49 in / 240.0 cm
  • 35.83 in / 91.0 cm
  • 13.39 in / 34.0 cm

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