Mathieu Mategot Custom-Made Brass Illuminating Room Divider, France, 1950s

Matégot, Mathieu, Shelves, France, 1950s

An unpublished, custom-made room divider by Mathieu Matégot. It has four stems with a lamp and a plant holder each. The piece has the organic forms and lightness of touch we know from Matégot and in this piece he combines brass tubing and perforated sheet metal in a unique way. 

The lights and plant holders can be adjusted in height around the brass stem, making it a joyful combination. The tubes rest on a wooden base that also holds the wires for the lighting, to be guided from the brass tubes to the electricity source. 

The brass has wonderfully aged. The ring holding one of the lights needs restoration. The level of restoration and cleaning will be done in mutual consent with the client.

  • 2399
  • Price on request
  • 103.54 in / 263.0 cm
  • 34.45 in / 87.5 cm
  • 11.81 in / 30.0 cm

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