Dutch Renaissance oak cabinet, 17th Century

Cabinets, Netherlands, Late 17th Century

A Dutch Renaissance oak cabinet from the 17th century with carved decorations. The cabinet has two doors with three full shelves and a small shelf above.

The Renaissance started in Italy around 1420, but it was only in the second half of the 16th century that this style found its way to the Netherlands. Around 1600 a Dutch Renaissance style was developed for furniture design. The cabinets from this era were mostly made out of oak, sometimes decorated with accents in exotic wood, like ebony and rosewood. Decorations were inspired by Greek and Roman temples, with details like a cornice and pilasters.

  • 6130
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  • 75.59 in / 192.0 cm
  • 73.62 in / 187.0 cm
  • 27.95 in / 71.0 cm

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