Knut Fjaestad Art Nouveau cabinet, Sweden, early 20th century

Fjaestad, Knut, Cabinets, Sweden, 1930s

An early 20th century cabinet by Knut Fjaestad. The cabinet has two doors and is made of birch with rich, carved plant motif decorations.

Knut Fjaestad (1860-1937) was the older brother of the well known Swedish artist Gustaf Fjaestad. After 1907 Knut was able to work in his own workshop at home with his wooden sculptures and furniture, something he continued to do throughout his life.

He was influenced by both the British Arts and Crafts movement from the end of the 19th century and the Swedish variant of the Art Nouveau style. Fjaestad fused these two styles together with his handmade, carved furniture, with nature-inspired decorations.

The cabinet is marked "1937" by Fnut Fjaestad.

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  • 94.09 in / 239.0 cm
  • 57.09 in / 145.0 cm
  • 21.65 in / 55.0 cm

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