Serge Ketoff prototype lounge chair

Ketoff, Serge, Lounge Chairs, France, 1950s

A very rare lounge chair designed by French-Italian engineer and architect Serge Ketoff (1918 - 2005) and made in the Jean Prouvé workshop in Maxéville, France. The chair was called 'fauteuil démontable', because the chair can easily be disassembled into three parts. It is made of a thin metal frame with walnut parts and a seating and backrest with plastified cord.

This piece is a very rare prototype made around 1953. In 1956, Steph Simon produced the model with a canvas seating and backrest instead of cord and it could be dismantled completely. Ketoff worked as an engineer for Prouvé at the time of this design.

We also have a Steph Simon version of the chair available.

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  • 25.39 in / 64.5 cm
  • 25.98 in / 66.0 cm
  • 32.68 in / 83.0 cm
  • 16.14 in / 41.0 cm

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