Serge Ketoff lounge chair

Ketoff, Serge, Lounge Chairs, France, 1950s

A very rare lounge chair designed by French-Italian engineer and architect Serge Ketoff (1918 - 2005). The chair was called 'fauteuil démontable', because the chair can easily be disassembled into separate parts. It is made of a thin, black lacquered metal frame with profiled natural wood armrests and a seating and backrest of brown canvas, held in place by ten small springs.

Ketoff worked as an engineer for Prouvé at the time of this design, in 1953. In 1956 it was taken into production by Steph Simon.


  • 7630
  • Price on request
  • 25.00 in / 63.5 cm
  • 24.41 in / 62.0 cm
  • 31.50 in / 80.0 cm
  • 15.94 in / 40.5 cm

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