Salvati & Tresoldi armchair for Brambilla

Lounge Chairs, Italy, 1960s

A rare armchair by Alberto Salvati and Ambrogio Tresoldi for Brambilla, Italy, 1962. The chair has an adjustable backrest and is made of wood and is upholstered with brown fabric.

Alberto Salvati (1935) and Ambrogio Tresoldi (1933) were an Italian architecture and design duo. They worked together from 1960, after graduating from the Milan Polytechnic, until the 1980s. Their work was presented at the XII, XIV and XV Triennale in Milan and in 1972 they participated in The New Domestic Landscape exhibition at the MoMA. In their architectural designs they strove to transcend the functionalism of the Modern style. They drew inspiration from Pop Art, Op Art and Minimalism and colour was a key element in their work. Examples of their architectural work are houses built in Maderno and Lissone.

This more sober design of this early chair differs strongly from their later, colourful designs for Saporiti.

  • 7913
  • Price on request
  • 29.33 in / 74.5 cm
  • 23.62 in / 60.0 cm
  • 21.65 in / 55.0 cm
  • 15.75 in / 40.0 cm

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