Leon Jallot swiveling desk chair

Jallot, Léon, Side Chairs, France, 1930s

A very rare desk chair by French Art Deco designer Léon Jallot (1874-1967) and his son Marcel (1900 - 1971). The swiveling chair is made of mahogany with a heavy brown leather upholstery. The patina on the leather is absolutely gorgeous.

The chair stands on three solid wooden legs with elegant brass socks, typical for the Jallot designs. It is strong and inviting and a statement chair that suits both the old boys network desk and a power woman office. 


  • 5193
  • Price on request
  • 35.43 in / 90.0 cm
  • 24.80 in / 63.0 cm
  • 22.83 in / 58.0 cm
  • 17.72 in / 45.0 cm

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