Fernando da Ilha do Ferro craft chair with high back, Brazil

Ilha do Ferro, Fernando Da, Side Chairs, Brazil, 1990s

A craft chair with a high back by Brazilian artist Fernando da Ilha do Ferro. The chair is made of trumpet tree wood and has a Portuguese text carved into the seating.

We have several items by the artist; all of them unique and signed.

Fernando Rodrigues dos Santos (1928 - 2009) lived and worked on the Ferro Island in Brazil. Hence the pseudonym Fernando da Ilha do Ferro. As the son of a clog maker, Fernando began by making small objects in his father’s worhshop. When he was 40 years old, he built his first piece of furniture: a deckchair. By 1980 he began new projects, building the Bar Redondo, whose tables and sculptural chairs were the start of his career as sculptor and furniture designer. Benches he made were displayed in 1987 at the Brésil Arts Populaires exhibition, in the Grand Palais, Paris.

  • 4232
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  • 45.67 in / 116.0 cm
  • 20.28 in / 51.5 cm
  • 28.94 in / 73.5 cm
  • 16.54 in / 42.0 cm

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