Dom Hans van der Laan church pew

Laan, Dom Hans van der, Benches, Netherlands, 1960s

An original pew from the abbey in Vaals designed and produced by monk and architect Hans van der Laan. The bench has a galvanized steel frame, which make the bench float in air. The position of the legs is well chosen, straight at the back and with an angle at the front. The woodwork has copper nails and the beauty of the relative dimensions chosen is most visible at the corner of the bench.

Dom Hans van der Laan was a Dutch Benedictine monk and architect whose genius was recognized by Gerrit Rietveld. Apart from one house he only designed for monasteries and worked on his theory of the 'artificial number'. This number relates to the most ideal relative dimensions in 3D (height, depth and width). Published in 'Dom Hans van der Laan, works and words' by Alberto Ferlenga and Paolo Verde, by Architectura and Natura.

  • 380
  • Price on request
  • 28.35 in / 72.0 cm
  • 89.76 in / 228.0 cm
  • 16.54 in / 42.0 cm
  • 18.90 in / 48.0 cm

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