Allan Gould side chair

Gould, Allan, Side Chairs, United States, 1950s

A wonderful and Minimalist leather, iron and walnut chair by Allan Gould, that combines rough materials with elegant lines.
The seating and backrest are made of leather that is wrapped around the iron frame and bound together with leather straps.

The chair has been professionally reupholstered with natural leather in our in-house atelier. Over time, the leather will gain a wonderful patina.

We have three levels of aging of this chair available.

  • 4610
  • Price on request
  • 33.66 in / 85.5 cm
  • 17.32 in / 44.0 cm
  • 18.90 in / 48.0 cm
  • 17.72 in / 45.0 cm

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