Set of four Arne Bang ceramic pieces

Bang, Arne, Ceramics, Denmark, 1950s

A set of four ceramic pieces by Danish sculptor and ceramist Arne Bang (1901 - 1983): a blue vase, a yellow vase with a green drip glazing, a green bowl with ears and an ochre yellow fluted bowl.

The two bowls are from Bang's serial production and are signed 'AB' with the model number (39 and 109). The two vases are unique studio pieces, recognizable by the incised AB monogram, with the year of creation (Sep. 1952 for the yellow and green piece and '60' for the blue vase).

The measurements stated are of the blue vase. The smallest piece is 10.5 by 8.5 cm and 6 cm high.




  • 4691
  • Price on request
  • 5.71 in / 14.5 cm
  • 3.94 in / 10.0 cm
  • 2.95 in / 7.5 cm

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