Roy Wormsbecher Copper and Acrylic Table Lamp, 2016

Table Lamps, Netherlands, 2010s

A table lamp by young Dutch designer Roy Wormsbecher. The lamp is made of a copper base with an acrylic rod (42.5 cm long and a 4 cm diameter).The copper base can turn 360 degrees. Roy Wormsbecher is a designer who prefers to produce sophisticated designs that incorporate both modern techniques and raw materials. This lamp is completely handcrafted. The body of the lamp is made of casted aluminum. The casting process causes the surface of the lamp to have a characteristic mat finish. The ring that constitutes the base of the lamp is also made of aluminum. The body of the lamp is detached from the ring. Consequently, the body can be rotated freely and positioned in any direction one deems fit. Light source LED. Roy Wormsbecher applies LED in an innovative way. Whilst LED is often considered to be somewhat unpleasant in terms of atmosphere, in this design this is mitigated by dispersing LED light through a solid cylinder made of acrylic glass (23.5 cm long and a 4 cm diameter) This results in attractive lighting that creates a warm and pleasant ambiance.

  • 265
  • Price on request
  • 17.72 in / 45.0 cm
  • 5.51 in / 14.0 cm
  • 7.87 in / 20.0 cm

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