Philippon & Lecoq

(1930 - 1995)

Antoine Philippon (1930 – 1995) and Jacqueline Lecoq (1932) were French designers who formed a partnership in 1956. Together they designed furniture until Philippon's death in 1995. They were part of the the Expositions universelles de Bruxelles in 1958 and Montreal 1967.

For nearly two decades, the collection of Bloomberry has been driven by the cultural reference between architecture, art and design.

The quality of our collection is reflected in the sophistication of craftsmanship and the character of the scars of time. Our restoration workshops are built around the same principal and work to the highest degree of craftsmanship.

Bloomberry is housed in a former textile factory and is located near Maastricht, in the south of The Netherlands. Within an hour of Antwerp and Cologne. Within two hours from Amsterdam and four hours from Paris.

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