Pair of Joseph Savina dining chairs

Savina, Joseph, Dining chairs, France, 1940s

A pair of stained oak model 'Saint-Gonéry' dining chairs with a woven rush seating by Joseph Savina. The backrest is decorated with a carved seaweed motif.

We have a second pair available.

Joseph Savina (1901–1983) was a French woodworker, cabinetmaker and sculptor. He was a long-time friend and collaborator of Le Corbusier. He opened his workshop 'Atelier d’Art Celtique' in Tréguier in 1929, where he produced furniture in small series. Savina was part of the neo-regionalist 'Seiz Breur' ('seven brothers') movement in Brittany, which was influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement. The movement started in 1923 and was named after a Breton folk-tale. It mainly focused on the visual arts, but it also included writers and composers. Inspiration was drawn from Celto-Breton mythology and decorative motifs like the Celtic knot.

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  • 38.78 in / 98.5 cm
  • 17.72 in / 45.0 cm
  • 20.08 in / 51.0 cm
  • 17.72 in / 45.0 cm

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