Ib Kofod-Larsen first edition Sheepskin Knitting Chair, Denmark, 1951

Kofod-Larsen, Ib, Christensen & Larsen, Lounge Chairs, Denmark, 1950s

An early and original first edition Danish teak lounge chair by Ib Kofod-Larsen, produced by cabinetmaker Christensen & Larsen. This chair was sometimes referred to as the knitting chair and only a few pieces were produced. The openings in the backrest can function as armrests, making it a very comfortable chair. Reupholstered with a white sheepskin and in an excellent condition. The chair is published in Grete Jalk's 40 Years of Danish Furniture Design.

  • 4102
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  • 35.83 in / 91.0 cm
  • 26.38 in / 67.0 cm
  • 27.56 in / 70.0 cm
  • 14.57 in / 37.0 cm

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