Hozan Zangana Samazan stool

Zangana, Hozan, Stools, Netherlands, 2020s

Samazan stool is based on Zangana’s previous Sufi vase from the “Shaping from Intuition” collection. It’s inspired by the ancient spiritual Sufi dance founded by the mystic poet Rumi. Dancers create endless symmetrical silhouettes while their dress turns around endlessly, achieving a meditative state. Zangana wishes to capture the stillness and contemplation that the dancer’s may feel.

Hozan Zangana was born in 1983 in Kirkuk. In 1998, at age fifteen, Hozan Zangana fled his country and applied for asylum in The Netherlands. There he studied at the esteemed art and design universities Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and Design Academy Eindhoven.

  • 7402
  • Price on request
  • 15.94 in / 40.5 cm
  • 18.70 in / 47.5 cm
  • 18.70 in / 47.5 cm

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