Hozan Zangana Nahiru bench

Zangana, Hozan, Benches, Netherlands, 2020s

This bench represents the shape of an ancient mythical Assyrian creature called the Nahiru. Its reference to 'sea-horse' or 'river-horse' has scholars compare the creature to a hippopotamus, a symbol of both chaos and fertility, as it's known for fiercely protecting their young.

Made from laminated oak with a stained and lacquered finish. Custom dimensions available on request. 

Hozan Zangana was born in 1983 in Kirkuk. In 1998, at age fifteen, he fled his country and applied for asylum in The Netherlands. There he studied at the esteemed art and design universities Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and Design Academy Eindhoven.

  • 7495
  • Price on request
  • 19.49 in / 49.5 cm
  • 74.41 in / 189.0 cm
  • 16.34 in / 41.5 cm

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