Easi-Bild Folding Red Wood Indoor/Outdoor Lounge Chair

Lounge Chairs, United States, 1950s

A folding lounge chair, made of a red painted pine frame with a backrest and seating made of green and yellow parachute webbing with loose sheepskin. The back legs have wheels attached to them.

This chair was based on a build-it-yourself pattern from 1952 under the brand name Easi-Bild. With this manual, people could make their own furniture at home. A method that was also applied by Klaus Grabe. The quality shows it is made by a skilled and precise person.  

  • 1056
  • Price on request
  • 33.27 in / 84.5 cm
  • 25.20 in / 64.0 cm
  • 42.13 in / 107.0 cm
  • 14.57 in / 37.0 cm

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