Dan Wenger iron and leather 'Quark' Stool, USA

Wenger, Daniel L., Stools, United States, 1960s

A high stool by Dan Wenger, with three iron legs and a dark red leather sling seat and boots. The seat seems to be made out of one large strip of folded leather, but they are three pieces, cut in a special way.

A numbered production made by Dan Wenger himself and great object with wonderful dark red leather.

The stool is surprisingly comfortable and you can either sit with the legs of the stool next to your own legs or with stool leg in between.

After college, Daniel Wenger worked as a computer programmer with the US Space Program from its inception in 1957. He returned to school in 1963 to obtain a PhD in theoretical physics, followed by a period as a professor of physics. During this time, continuing his life-long enjoyment of working with his hands, he developed skill with leather and steel. Inspired by a chair from his childhood home in Brentwood, California, he directed his design aesthetic to make a chair using leather and steel. He created his Lotus chair in 1969 while living in Topanga Canyon, California. The success of the Lotus chair, his first furniture piece, and the joy of creating it catalyzed a major change in his life. He decided to leave the academic world and to immerse himself in design and fabrication.

  • 5787
  • Price on request
  • 22.05 in / 56.0 cm
  • 20.47 in / 52.0 cm
  • 18.90 in / 48.0 cm
  • 19.69 in / 50.0 cm

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