Barry Simpson foldable 'Rooster' stool

Stools, United States, 1970s

A model 'Rooster' folding stool designed by American architect Barry Simpson circa 1975 and produced by Dirt Road, Vermont. The stool is made of cut-out varnished plywood panels, forming the shape of an 'X'. When folded in, the cut-outs form handles to carry the stool or hang it from a wall.

Barry King Simpson (1941 - 2017) was a Yale educated architect who lived and worked in Vermont, where he was part of the Design/Build movement.


  • 6491
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  • 16.54 in / 42.0 cm
  • 16.54 in / 42.0 cm
  • 14.17 in / 36.0 cm

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