Collection of Eight Ceramic Pieces by Stalhane and Nylund for Rorstrand, Sweden

Stålhane, Carl-Harry
Nylund, Gunnar

A set of eight small and elegant ceramic pieces from the Swedish Rörstrand pottery company. The pieces are designed by Gunnar Nylund and Carl Harry Stalhane. The brown vase is made by Birger Larsson for Wallåkra. The pieces are signed and in a wonderful condition. The smallest item is 2.5 cm (1") high and has a diameter of 4.5 cm (1.7"). The tallest vase is 16 cm (6") high with a 6 cm (2.4") diameter. Nylund and Stalhane both worked at Rörstrand for many years, with Nylund being the teacher and Stalhane the apprentice. Nylund was there from 1931 until 1955, as the artistic director for most of these years. After this, Stalhane took over as head of design, until he left in 1973.   

  • 136
  • Price on request
  • 6.3 In / 16.0 cm
  • 2.4 In / 6.0 cm

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