Set of three Hayno Focken pendants

Focken, Hayno, Chandeliers & Pendants, Germany, 1930s

A set of three unique hand-hammered brass pendant lamps by the important German artisan Hayno Focken. These lamps are unique pieces made for a church in the Schwarzwald and come with full documentation.

Focken (1905-1968) was a metalworker and silversmith who was associated with the ideas of the Deutscher Werkbund and Bauhaus in the 1930s. Focken received his education at the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, along with the Bauhaus, among the most important schools for applied art of the 1920s. At first, he worked with Max Kruger and Karl Muller until he established his own workshop in 1932. Most of his designs, bowls, crucifixes etc, where for the use in churches.

  • 1443
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  • 19.29 in / 49.0 cm
  • 8.46 in / 21.5 cm

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