Rudolf Schwarz pendant lamp

Schwarz, Rudolf, Chandeliers & Pendants, Germany, 1950s

A plexiglass and brass pendant lamp by German architect Rudolf Schwarz, designed in 1952 and produced by Frensch Lampen & Beleuchtung. Three light bulbs are captured in nine plexiglass petals, held together by a brass top and closed at the ceiling with a brass canopy.

Schwarz used this model in a few of the churches he designed. The total drop is 106 cm and the height of the plexiglass petals is 62 cm. Diameter of the shade is 21 cm.

  • 3512
  • Price on request
  • 24.41 in / 62.0 cm
  • 8.27 in / 21.0 cm
  • 41.73 in / 106.0 cm

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