Gino Sarfatti unique ring chandelier

Sarfatti, Gino, Arteluce, Chandeliers & Pendants, Italy, 1950s

A one-of-a-kind chandelier by Gino Sarfatti, who designed this lamp for his family summer house. The lamp is made of a large white lacquered brass ring with six brass lamp holders in gunmetal finish. It hangs from four wires and is connected to the wall with a wall-mount with a switch, that stabilizes the lamp and also provides the lamp with power.

The lamp comes with a certificate of authenticity by Sandra Severi Sarfatti, the designer's daughter-in-law.

  • 7883
  • Price on request
  • 53.15 in / 135.0 cm
  • 52.76 in / 134.0 cm

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