Mogensen, Børge

(1914 - 1972)

Børge Mogesen was a Danish designer. Functional is the word which best describes his designs. The majority of his furniture was designed with industrial production in mind and is characterized by strong and simple lines. His true genius is to be found in his almost scientific analysis of the functionality of a piece of furniture.

During his years at the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts the young Børge Mogensen developed a close partnership with his mentor Kaare Klint and subsequently also assumed Klint’s approach to simple and functional furniture design. After this, he entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts from where he graduated as an architect in 1942. He became head of design at FDB in that year, before establishing his own design office in 1950.

Some of his notable pieces are the ‘Spokeback Sofa’ designed in 1945, the ‘Hunting chair’ from 1950 and the ‘Spanish Chair’ from 1959.