Kimbel & Cabus

The immigrant cabinetmakers Anthony Kimbel and Joseph Cabus formed a partnership in 1862 and became one of New York City’s leading furniture and decorating firms. They combined British and Continental European design sources to create a wide range of furniture, and used innovative production and sales techniques to offer their products to the growing middle class.

Anthony Kimble (1822 - 1895) was born into a family of furniture makers from Mainz, Germany, an important furniture manufacturing center in the 18th- and 19th century. Anthony emigrated to America in the late 1840s, where he partnered with Anton Bembe to form Bembe and Kimbel in 1854, creating furniture in the Rococo-revival style. Shortly after Bembe died, Kimbel founded a new firm with French-born cabinet-maker Joseph Cabus (1824 - 1898). The Kimbel & Cabus partnership was dissolved in 1882, with Kimbel going into business with his sons, as A. Kimbel & Sons, and Cabus forming his own shop.