Ciancimino, George

(1928 - 1928)

George Ciancimino was born in Algiers in 1928 and began his career in Paris, working as a ceramicist and sculptor´s assistant. In the mid 1950´s he moved to North America where he branched out into furniture design, before eventually settling in London. In Chelsea, he and his brother Jean-Claude set up an antiques business, specialising in Renaissance and Antiquities.

In the late 60´s George returned to furniture and product design and opened his gallery on the Kings Road, developing a distinctive style that blended his interest in Japanese craftsmanship with his passion for modern industrial processes. He developed a number of fruitful relationships with architects and decorators, especially in the UK, and from there went on to build his own interior design consultancy.

Along with designing countless private residences, as well as offices for corporate clients such as Bear Sterns, Seagram and British Airways, his work was successfully licensed internationally to companies such as Mobilier International (France), Jens Risom (USA), Martinez Medina (Spain) and Steelcase (UK). He was also invited to design products for MOMA NY and OUN in Japan. In 1985 he was made a Fellow of The Chartered Society of Designers (F.C.S.D.).

George currently devotes his time to his original passion: sculpture.